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    TOUCHDOWN, INC. is owned and founded by William Harper. William majored in psychology and graduated with a BS Degree in 1977 from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. While attending Lewis and Clark William played on the varsity football team and was selected to be a member of an overseas program which included course study at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

    William first entered the youth corrections field in 1978 and supervised adolescent males in the maximum security program at MacLaren School for Boys in Woodburn, Oregon. From 1980 to 1988 William worked with both adolescent males and females as a counselor in a residential care psychiatric treatment program at St. Vincents Hospital in Portland, Oregon. In 1989 William began his career as an adult parole and probation officer and graduated from the Oregon Police Academy in 1990 where he received the Governors Award for outstanding achievement. During his career as an officer William has been employed by the Oregon Department of Corrections and most recently on the county level in Central Oregon. William received his Advanced Certification, the highest degree of achievement by an Oregon parole and probation officer in 1995. During much of his career William has specialized in supervising high risk felony and misdemeanor offenders.

    William has been married since 1985 and is the father of 6 children. He places a high priority on his family. He is very active in organizing and coaching youth athletics in his community. William also enjoys working and playing on his homestead in the beautiful Ochoco Mountains of Central Oregon.

    In 2012, William's wife, Christine, was named the Business Operations Manager for Touchdown Incorporated. In 2016, Christine was appointed as the Acting Director for Touchdown Incorporated.


    Many families in America today are struggling to survive. Our children are being influenced by messages and pictures from a culture that often does not respect our values. The use of illegal drugs and alcohol is an epidemic with disastrous consequences. The negative peer pressure that many of our children must live with on a daily basis does much to undermine the guidance received at home. As a result, many children develop confused attitudes and a rebellious spirit that can lead to family crisis and conflict.

    Parental authority in America today is also consistently under attack with new laws and regulations that undermine the foundations of the family unit. Often children can be empowered in their defiance of parental authority and parents begin to feel as though they are helpless observers as their children engage in various forms of unhealthy and destructive behavior. There comes a time for some parents when they must seek help and make the tough love decisions to regain the hope and dreams they once held for their child.

    I have worked in counseling and corrections for more than two decades. This life experience has convinced me that early intervention with troubled behavior can be the key to success. Juvenile courts and detention facilities do not provide the answers that many parents are searching for because they fail to address the spiritual and moral components of the underlying trouble. Fortunately, there are a variety of options and resources in the private sector.

    I started TOUCHDOWN, INC. because I saw a need for a quality Christian based youth intervention and transport service. Embarking on a new direction with your child will likely be stressful for everyone. We understand the concerns and fears that parents and children may have as they start down this new pathway of change. I view our service to your family as a rescue mission as we escort your child with love and firmness to the school or program that you have selected. If you need our service, give us a call. We will explain the transport/escort process to you and coordinate the planning and travel arrangements so you can focus your energy on finding the help your child needs.

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