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May 2014

“I just wanted to take a second to let you know how extremely grateful I am for you and the service you provide. It has been one week since (my daughter) was transported to her new school. Chris, you were so incredibly helpful along the way, guiding me, listening to me and reassuring me. I would not have been able to get her there without you!

“Meeting Mike and Shannon was the icing on the cake. What wonderful people! It was so nice to be able to sit down with them and just chat casually about the process and to get to know them. They were so patient and accommodating. It made entrusting them with my daughter so much easier. I knew she was going to be taken care of in a respectful, safe, and caring way. You and Mike both checked in with me that day, easing my mind and reminding me why she needed to go (Thanks, Mike).

“Making the decision to place my child out of home was so difficult. There were so many times during the process that I would actually forget how crazy my life and hers had become (parental amnesia?). I would actually think that maybe we could just try it at home, again. Having you talk me through it, knowing that you had seen the residential facility, and just your calm demeanor kept me on track. I do not regret any part of it. I know she is safe. I know she is in a loving place and getting the care she so needs. And I know that great people helped me get her there.”

Minneapolis, MN
daughter (age 15)

April 2014

“Touchdown Inc. was a God send!!! Just the thought of knowing I must seek a residential home to help my daughter get back to the straight path was devastating. Her behavior continued to reveal I had no other choice than to follow through, but I could not imagine how.

“We had visited several out of state homes and my daughter seemed partially cooperative for a healthy change in life until the day I went to drive her there and she jumped out of the car. We spent the day in the hospital instead. Things progressively got worse as she was putting herself in some very risky situations and I knew that I had to protect her from her own decisions and get her to a place where she could get some help and healing. I knew I could not do it myself. That is when I contacted Touchdown Inc.

“Chris felt more like a mentoring and comforting friend! After each phone call, I felt more and more at ease. She was so understanding, informative and encouraging. I increasingly felt certain that I could trust them with my daughter.

“After meeting the transport team, Mike and Wendy, the evening before the transport, I continued to have a sense of peace about this transition. Their countenance was a consolation and I was extremely confident that my daughter would be in the hands of some caring and loving people. Ending our meeting in prayer just seemed to completely affirm God’s orchestration as I sought His intervention to help me help my daughter.

“I don’t have the words to express my gratitude to everyone at Touchdown Inc.! My daughter was obviously heading down a path that at worst case scenario could have killed her and thanks to Touchdown Inc. she is safe and healing now. This would not have been possible without them!”

Louisville, KY
daughter (age 14)

April 2014

“Thanks for the assistance in bringing our daughter to Shelterwood. Glenn and Ashley were very professional and the event went very smoothly. She is doing as well as expected her first week at the program. Please feel free to refer other parents to us who may have a teen who needs to go to a private school but may not go willingly.”

Holland, MI
daughter (age 16)

January 2014

“On a scale of one to ten your transport staff were an eleven.”

East Hanover, NJ
son (age 15)

October 2013

“We would really like to thank you all for everything you have done for us. If anyone is looking for a Christian transport service that truly cares for their child I certainly hope that they contact (Touchdown Inc.). Chris spent a long time talking to us on the phone and it was evident from the beginning that she really cared and knew how difficult this was for us. She explained everything in detail to us so we felt comfortable. When Tom and Glenn came that morning we instantly felt their care and concern and knew they were going to take good care of our son. We hope the Lord blesses you for all that you do to help families in this situation.”

Chicago, IL
son (age 16)

June 2013

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you did transporting our son last week. You made a very difficult situation go very smoothly. Thank you again for the amazing job. We can now begin to heal.”

Quincy, IL
son (age 17)

May 2013

“I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to both (Bill & Chris) and to Mike and Shannon. With their help and love everything worked out to get our Kate to Shelterwood. I did not get to shake Mike and Shannon’s hands and to thank them personally for taking great care of our daughter. Please extend my gratefulness to them. This has been an emotional two days and Chris was right … when I drove away from Shelterwood I had a heavy heart but took a breath of relief. I know she is safe. Thank you for your service. You do great things and God is glorified. Take care.”

Ontario, CA
daughter (age 16)

September 2012

“I can’t say enough about your services. First, you and Chris really helped my wife and I get comfortable with using your transport service by relating your real life experience and encouragement throughout this difficult time. Chris was truly a God-send for me personally in those final decision making days. I never felt judged or pressured by Chris. She related Christian values to the situation and made me feel supported in our decision and direction. Thank you so much. I also really appreciated that things went almost exactly as you said they would. There were no unexpected surprises or upsets along the way. The entire process went as smoothly as we hoped it would. Lastly, Glen and Tony were magnificent when they came to pick our son up. With the first few words Glenn said to my son in the wee hours of the morning I knew that our son would be okay, and he was. The trip was without upset and while our son was very emotional almost the entire trip, Glenn and Tony were reassuring and kind to him. Wow! Who could ask for anything more during a traumatic adventure for a sixteen year old.

“God bless you and Chris and God bless your services. Please, keep your business going. I am sure that I am not the last parent who will need this type of Godly transport for their wayward teen. Thank you both!”

Denver, CO
son (age 16)

August 2012

“Thank you Bill and Chris and thanks to (transport agents) Glenn and Hamar for a successful intervention. Everything went very well. My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome. I have to tell you I hope we never need to do this again, but if it does come about, I will definitely give y’all the first call.”

Starkville, MS
son (age 14)

February 2012

“This was the first time that I have ever had to use a transport service for my 16 year old son. I loved how genuine and caring Bill and Chris were during this difficult time. Chris spoke to me with love and encouragement. She shared with me her personal experience and it made me feel so much better. Tom and Glenn, two of the transport staff were amazing! They prayed with me the night before and made me feel so confident that they were there to transport my son safely and with love. Tom texted me a couple of times during the transport to let me know how it was going because my son is afraid of flying. The transport staff were so personal and loving to me. I would recommend Touchdown Inc. to anyone who is experiencing a tough time with their teenager and wants a loving staff to get them to their next destination.”

Sacramento, CA
son (age 16)

January 2012

“In the midst of a heart wrenching decision (for us), the service and professionalism provided by Touchdown made it a little easier. The calls, response, organization, and most of all, the sincerity and caring, were evident throughout the process. The gentlemen they use to provide their service were equally caring and understanding. We would highly recommend Touchdown, Inc.”

Wooster, OH
son (age 17)

September 2011

“It was a tough and almost scary decision to use a transport service to bring my daughter to Teen Challenge. I spoke with several and Touchdown was the only one that appeared not to be about the money but about my daughter’s safety and recovery. The (agents) were wonderful. My daughter made two friends and still talks about them and wants to let them both know that she is doing very well and talks about wanting to keep in touch.”

Boston, MA
daughter (age 16)

September 2011

“I do want to thank you for the care and concern you showed our family when we required your services. Since we were in a state of shock we appreciated how you set up the transport, chose the team and made this as comfortable as possible for us and our (daughter). The fact that you are Christians and understood our feelings certainly calmed our nerves. The phone calls to ask about our daughter and to tell us of the success of the transport meant so much to us. Our daughter is making a good recovery and progress at the program. I can’t thank you enough.”

Ft. Myers, FL
daughter (age 16)

August 2011

“Sending our son to a therapeutic school was an extremely difficult decision, but we knew it was our best hope to turn him around and get him on the right track. The need to ensure with the highest confidence that he would get to the school led to our choice of Touchdown Inc. to transport him there. Chris and Bill’s understanding of our situation and patience in working out the details made a difficult situation much more tolerable. The officers assigned were extremely professional and capable leaving nothing to chance and putting us at ease. The whole process went very smoothly and when they had a few hours to spare in the destination city the men who transported our son had established such a rapport that they went to a local museum, leaving him in a positive frame of mind. I heartily recommend Touchdown to parents in situations similar to our own.”

Fort Collins, CO
son (age 17)

January 2011

“You helped us with one of the most difficult times in our lives. We made the decision to place our daughter in a special boarding school that works with young girls that have made wrong choices and are extremely out of control. We could not have gotten her to the school without your help. We could not have done it physically or emotionally. You helped save our daughters life. It has been one month since the transport and she is doing great. She actually wrote us a letter and said she kind of likes it there. Our decision to ask Touchdown Incorporated to do the transport was based mainly on your Christian statement and Chris’s personal touch. We knew for sure we had done the right thing when Tom prayed with us during our meeting with him the evening before our daughter was transported. Thanks again for your special and loving care of our daughter.”

Chicago, IL
daughter (age 14)

October 2010

“I finally am writing to thank you and the McClain’s for the transport of my daughter. Looking back, it was the very best way to get her to Shelterwood in Branson. She is making progress and we continue to pray that she will be home by May or June of next year. Thank you so much for your help.”

Grand Rapids, MI
daughter (age 13)

December 2009

“We know that Touchdown played a major role in getting (our daughters) attention (for change). Her therapist reported that she was 6 weeks ahead (by being transported) when she arrived at the program. We know that this was due to your help in a loving intervention. May God bless the work of your hands.”

Las Vegas, NV
daughter (age 16)

July 2008

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate the services you offer. Once I finally decided to send (my daughter) to Shelterwood, my next concern came with determining how to get her there. When I did my research on Touchdown, Inc. I was impressed with the information and the extensive experience of your staff. The morning that Tom and Ashley came to meet my daughter, Tom asked me if I wanted to pray before going into her room. I felt so at peace with the whole process and I knew God was in control of what ever happened that day. My daughter was transported to Shelterwood without incident and it was great knowing she was in good hands while being transported there. I so appreciate having had the opportunity to use your transport service and want to share my experiences with others who may find themselves in a similar situation. Thanks for everything you do to help families like mine all over the country!”

Tulsa, OK
daughter (age 14)

December 2007

“In December 2007, we experienced a crisis with our daughter. We knew we needed to get her to a residential treatment facility but we had no clue on how to get that done. I contacted you (Bill Harper) and found comfort and peace in your explanation of your services. I remained fearful though. You guided me through the process and made a difficult decision so much easier.

“Your team showed up early in the morning. Their calm presence and style coupled with professionalism and gentleness made that very emotional and fearful moment much easier. My wife and I cannot express the depth of our gratitude. You and your team kept us informed of the progress of the transport until our daughter was safely delivered. You gave us peace of mind and tranquility during a stormy time.

“May God bless you and all your teams as you continue in your valuable ministry.”

Denver, CO
daughter (age 15)

January 2007

“Our daughter is now a week into the program at Trinity and we sleep better knowing she is in a safe place that cares about her. We thank you for your help in this. Snatching young people from the jaws of our corrupt culture and depositing them in a place that has promise for redemption can’t be assessed on a pure dollar and cents ledger. We appreciate your prayerful concern for our daughter, your willingness to go the extra mile to make it work and the confidence you expressed in God’s good will in the matter. We believe our daughter’s healing began on the trip from San Francisco to Wyoming in your company.”

Ken & Janet
San Luis Obispo, CA
daughter (age 16)

November 2006

“During the most difficult time of our lives, it was Bill and the folks at Touchdown that helped us get our daughter safely to the residential treatment location where we knew she could be helped. As Christians it was important for us to know that our daughter would be transported by people that shared our faith and Touchdown afforded us that peace of heart and mind. We will never forget Bill’s voice of encouragement over the phone offering peace in the midst of our family turmoil nor will we ever forget the wonderful couple, Tom and Liz McClain, who transported our daughter. We pray for Bill, Tom and Liz each day thanking God for them and the wonderful ministry they provided for our family. We wish we never had to face a parenting crisis like ours but the blessing of Touchdown made the first step safe and encouraging. We recommend Touchdown, Inc. to anyone facing the need to transport their child.”

Sean and Sarah
Baltimore, MD
daughter (age 17)

October 2006

“The decision to send our daughter to an out of state boarding school was an extremely stressful decision. Touchdown Inc. was the answer to our prayers. The days leading up to the transport were filled with prayers, tears, worry and fear. The morning of the transport my husband and I began to pray and ask our Lord for calmness. Tom greeted me and told me that our daughter would be fine and that he and Liz would keep her safe. Our hearts were racing and tears blinded our sight as we led Tom and Liz to our daughter’s bedroom. Tom and Liz showed such compassion but professionalism at a very gut wrenching moment in our life. Our daughter did not struggle but went quietly. The transport took 10 hours to reach the destination and throughout the day we were kept up to date as to how my daughter was doing emotionally and physically. I was told that at the end of the transport my daughter laid her head against Tom’s shoulder which is something I have only seen her do with her father. I can not thank Tom and Liz enough for their Christian concern.”

Brent & Rose
Lansing, MI
daughter (age 16)

March 2006

“I contacted Bill Harper at Touchdown Inc. based upon the personal recommendation from the school I was enrolling my son in. It was their opinion that teens transported by Bill and his staff were much better prepared for their new living situation than those transported by other agencies. From the beginning to the end of the transport process I was completely impressed with Bill and his wife Chris and the concern and interest they displayed towards both me and my son. When I met Bill and his partner at the airport their gentle demeanor and genuine concern for my son took away any fears and anxiety about the safety of my son. Bill made sure I was kept updated about the progress of their journey. I can’t emphasize how reassuring that this was during that very long day. After the successful transport I received a personal call from Bill and was given the details of the entire trip. The result was that I felt a very large weight lifted from my shoulders about the very difficult decision to send my son away. I highly endorse Touchdown, Inc. for the safe transport of your teen. This organization bases its values on Christian principles and I appreciated having these wonderful, Godly men take such good care of my son.”

San Jose, CA
son (age 15)

November 2005

“After making the difficult decision to send our daughter to a Christian boarding school we really struggled with the right way to get her there. We considered attempting to transport her ourselves but we did not know what to tell her to convince her to go willingly. We knew that when she discovered where she was going it would get very ugly. The school suggested that we use a transport service and they recommended Touchdown, Inc. Initially, we were very uncomfortable with the idea of “strangers” entering our home to take our daughter in the middle of the night. After talking with Bill Harper, all of our worries were put to rest. He took plenty of time to explain every detail of how the transport would be handled. We had the opportunity to meet the staff from Touchdown, Inc., and this did a lot to reassure us that we were doing the right thing. They were professional in every sense of the word. They arrived at the scheduled time and had our daughter on the road with them within minutes. There was no screaming or fighting. The entire transport process went flawlessly. Bill called us and kept us informed every step of the way. We are very thankful that we found Touchdown, Inc. and would recommend them to any other parent in our position.”

Mike & Stephanie
Dallas, TX
daughter (age 16)

November 2005

“The family rated your service on a scale of one to ten a twenty!”

Angie Woodward
Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc.

October 2005

“I was very pleased with your service. It was very difficult to make the decision to send my son to Mt. Carmel Boys Ranch but I was much more comfortable about it after speaking to you. The escorts were very respectful to both me and my son which made it easier for my son to be cooperative. I was worried that my son would be frightened but the escorts talked with him throughout the trip and he was able to understand what they were doing for him. That is one of the things that impressed me was that the escorts stressed to my son what we were doing for him and not to him. Thanks for everything including your prayers.”

Belen, NM
son (age 17)

October 2005

“We wanted to send a letter of thanks for your ministry of service in helping us transport our son to Shelterwood. During a time of crisis and anxiety, we needed help in implementing our difficult decision to seek out of home placement for him. We knew we would have had a most difficult time of transporting him alone.

The organization and communication was outstanding. You took care of all of the details in a short amount of time. Tom was right on time to the minute in picking our son up and we felt he was in caring and professional hands. Your availability to us even outside of traditional business hours was most appreciated. The generous time you both gave us in preparing and counseling us on the phone was enormously beneficial.

We would recommend Touchdown, Inc. to anyone struggling with the emotions and logistics of transporting their teen to an out of home placement. Your dedication to a much needed service with a genuine caring motivation for families of troubled teens is tremendously appreciated.”

Rob & Lynn
Great Bend, KS
son (age 16)

March 2005

"I could have never imagined what a moving experience I would have had with a transport service for my son. In the past I pictured one or two guys coming to my house and handcuffing and rough housing my son in order to take him away. It took me four years to be able to get the ultimate help needed for my son. If I had made this phone call four years ago I would not have hesitated to entrust him to you. Your emotional support and professional help with the prosecutor was so invaluable to me and words cannot begin to express my gratitude. During the transport and after you did not forget about my feelings and the reassurance I needed.

    Chris and Bill, I honestly do not feel like I hired a service, rather I feel like I was communicating with close friends during the time we spent together. What you provided for me was so much more than just a transport to a school. After meeting Tom and Robert I also knew my son would be treated with dignity and care. I know that God was working with all of us in perfect harmony. I know every prayer was answered. Even the prayers we didn't pray were answered. I don't know how else to say "Thank You". Like I said, words aren't enough."

Corine J.
Cypress, CA
son (age 16)

February 2005

"The services of Touchdown, Inc. made what was the hardest decision we have ever had to make a reality. Without your help, support and guidance I am not sure that we could have made it through the two weeks leading up to the placement. We know in our hearts that our son would never have gone willingly with us, so to be led to you was quite a blessing. We must say we found you both to be so up front, professional, honest and supportive. You made what was a daunting task much easier. I especially appreciate all the time Chris put into talking to me on the phone. It made Gregg and I feel better that you cared enough to want to try and find out all you could about our family so that the transition would be smooth and healthy for our son and us.

    We can't say enough about how blessed we felt the day of the transport. Tom and Robert were timely, professional and caring. We so appreciated the time of prayer with them. To know that we were entrusting our son into such dedicated caring hands was reassuring. The time in and out of our house was quicker than we could have ever imagined and it went so well. We thank the Lord for watching over our family and for Touchdown! We can assure you that we will give our highest recommendation to anyone we encounter that should have need of your services. Thank the Lord that you have heeded a call to serve others in such a vital way."

Gregg & Anne S.
Bixby, OK
son (age 17)

January 2005

"We want to tell you how thankful we are that we found your escort service (during April 2004). This was a very hard time and we had to quickly make crucial decisions affecting the well being of our son. We had never navigated through these waters and your service provided the life preserver in a stormy sea. Your agents handled the situation in a very professional manner tempered with respect, kindness and compassion for our son as well as ourselves. We appreciated the thoroughness and calls of reassurance during the transport process. Your knowledge of the juvenile system helped us through the technical details resulting in the smooth transfer of our son from the juvenile detention center to your agents, meeting plane schedules and finally to the facility at Shelterwood. I can't thank your enough for all of your help."

Progress Update (9 months later):

    "Our son has now graduated from high school on time in May 2004 and graduated from Shelterwood during December 2004. While at the program he reaffirmed his faith in Christ and chose to be re-baptized during November 2004. As you know, Shelterwood is a blessing and you all helped get him there. I pray that God will bless your family and your business so you may continue to help other families."

Fred & Susan R.
Kansas City, KA
son (age 16)

September 2004

"Making the decision to send our son to a Christian boarding school was the hardest thing we have ever done. When Touchdown, Inc. was recommended to us I had no idea who they even were. I could not believe the love, encouragement, and help we received from both Bill & Chris. Chris was very supportive and encouraged me as we were still in the process of deciding where to send our son. I found myself calling her just to talk about what was going on here. I felt like we were becoming fast friends. She encouraged me every step of the way and helped me through a very difficult time. I am so thankful for her. Once we made our decision and our son was accepted we made the plans to rescue our son. Bill took care of all the details for the air travel. During this very upsetting time, I could never have done all that. It was such a relief to have someone to take care of those details.

    This truly was a step of faith, not only for us, but for our Touchdown agents, Tom & Stephen. Our son had run away a month earlier, and at the time we had no idea where he was. Through much prayer, we felt confident that God would come through for us and help us rescue our son, so we set the date. I didn't know how I was going to make it through the next week. I didn't have any strength of my own and was completely empty. I talked to God and Chris a lot that week. We also asked God to prepare our son for what was about to happen to him. When our agents arrived in the middle of the night in a blinding snow storm, I had peace beyond measure. These men were professional, kind, caring Christian men. They prayed with my husband and I the next morning before we started the day. We had a very long day searching for our son. When all of our plans and efforts failed, God came through for us and we were able to rescue our son from destruction. I was very impressed at how professional and caring these men were with us and our son. Never once did I worry about them during their long trip to the school. In fact, I was excited for the time our son had with these wonderful Christian men.

    After they arrived safely at the school, they even called and shared things that our son had said. One of the things he said was, "Tell my parents, thank you for getting me off the road." He also told Tom that he was ready to go and get help. God did prepare our son for this. We very highly recommend Touchdown, Inc. services. What started out as the hardest thing we had ever done turned out to be the most amazing thing we have ever done. We will never forget it! We will never forget our wonderful friends at Touchdown!"

Scott & Gail B.
Copper Center, Alaska
son (age 16)

September 2004

"We are very pleased with your service."

Xin Shen D.
Aurora, CO
son (age 16)

August 2004

"Your men were fabulous."

Greg L.
Dallas, TX
son (age 16)

August 2004

"I was almost paralyzed having to deal with my son. The decision to send him to a special school and making the arrangements for his acceptance was very painful. From my first call to Mr. Harper he took responsibility for the most painful of tasks which was planning the trip to a school far from home. Mr. Harper kept me updated on the plans which gave me time to think about the change we would be undertaking and then provided me with updates on the day of the transport. It was reassuring to have him and his team. They were efficient and kind. They were my eyes at the school to make me comfortable with our choice. Thank God for directing us to Touchdown, Inc."

Dr. Michael P.
Franklin, IN
son (age 17)

May 2004

"There exists no possibility that any of you will ever really understand the tremendous impact that you are making in the lives of families and in the very life of the Body of Christ. How can my words be enough? They can never fully express my gratitude. I thank you, Good Tools of God, Bill, Chris, Tom and Liz. My gratitude arises from the deepest and most sincere recesses of this frightened father's heart and soul. I graciously thank you for your Christian care and concern; for your Christ centered prayers and words of encouragement; for your faithful persistence in the face of storms; for your powerful example of faith in action. I gratefully thank God for the day when I saw the word "Christian" in the description of your transport service. I thank our God for sending you to us in our nightmare of family turmoil. And, again after our profound thanksgiving to God, and as a significant part of our gratitude to Him, we fervently also thank His accomplices, His tools, and His disciples for their Christian care, concern and efforts for our daughter and for our family."

    "My husband and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help during the crisis with our daughter. Your professionalism, your kindness and your compassion helped calm our frayed nerves as our world turned upside down. Your determination to work through the horrible weather and stay the course kept my husband and I from falling apart on that hectic day of the transport. You were the calm in the wake of a horrible storm. Our daughter is finally at a place where she can start to heal and grow strong. You were a part of making that possible. We will never forget all you have done for us. May God bless you and continue to bless your continued success. May He watch over you as you help other families in crisis. God sent you to us, and may He send you out to others in need."

Louis & Ginny M.
Munster, IN
daughter (age 15)

April 2004

"We want to thank you for all you did to make this very difficult decision much easier. Chris, you took the time, not only to plan the details of the transfer, but to talk hours to me, mom to mom, when I needed it most. You have a very calming voice and after talking to you I felt more at peace and stronger. My husband and I appreciate the quick planning and professional job done by all of you with updates on the day of the transport. Ron Killingsworth called (after the transport) to talk with my husband about the details of the transport. That was so nice. May God bless your agency and family!"

Vanessa P.
Fessenden, ND
son (age 16)

April 2004

"When we became parents, we never dreamed that it would be necessary to place our son in a boarding school, in order to deal with his struggles. When we realized we needed a transport service, fear began to overtake us. How could we ever entrust such a task to someone we didn't know? This was our darkest hour and we felt so alone. Our friends recommended the services of Touchdown Inc. and we took their advice. Without a doubt, they went beyond our highest expectations. They were professional, organized, thorough, but most of all, sensitive and kind Christians. They met my son with grace and firmness. After my son's resistance to leaving home, he readily shook Bill Harper's hand as they said goodbye (after arriving at the school). This speaks volumes for Bill's professionalism and gentle touch. Their guidance was outstanding in every way."

Juliana S.
Vienna, VA
son (age 17)

January 2004

"I just want to let you know that you were so reassuring during this emotionally stressful time in our lives. You were a pleasure to talk to as we expressed our concerns. Your pleasant demeanor and your concern for us and our worries helped to put our minds at rest. When we chose to send our son to a Christian boarding school located out of state it was one of the hardest decisions we had to make. We knew that if he were to have learned about this decision he would have run away with his girlfriend. You talked us through step by step exactly what would happen the night he would be escorted to his new school. When I met the two agents (Tom and Ron) who were to escort him, I could feel the hand of GOD on these men. They were extremely kind and were genuinely concerned with our emotional and spiritual needs during this time. We prayed before the intervention and everything proceeded smoothly. The agents were firm but kind and reassuring to our son during his transport and prayed with him many times before finally arriving at the school. Again, I just thank GOD that your organization exists, is Christian based and has such caring people that made this difficult time possible to deal with."

"Our son is starting to adjust after arriving at the school. I sent him a letter explaining some of the reasons for why he was placed there. After receiving and reading the letter he went from denial to being convicted and shortly there after re-dedicated his life to Jesus. He says that he is starting to feel good and he knew he still had things he had to deal with in his life."

Patrick M.
Los Angeles, CA
son (age 16)

January 2004

"I could not sleep for a week prior to the transport because I was so nervous. Tom talked with me on the phone prior to their arrival at the house and really put me at ease. Both agents were really nice. The intervention went much better than I had expected and my daughter did not fight at all. Both agents were really great!"

Sandy R.
Wichita Falls, Texas
daughter (age 16)

September 2003

"Bill, I appreciate all that you have done for us. Thank you for your work. I also appreciate your follow up with us. I think everything worked out as part of God's plan. I now think there is hope for my daughter. We feel very good about the program where she is at. Since returning home from our first visit with her we can now sleep more restfully.

Leslie M.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
daughter (age 17)

April 2003

"Bill, you have chosen some good people. Your agents did a tremendous job and were very professional. The transport went very smooth and everything was handled so well. They even prayed with us. My wife and I are very willing to endorse your services. It gave us peace of mind entrusting our daughter with like minded Christians. I even think our daughter realizes now that she needs the help we found for her."

Richard S.
Chicago, Illinois
daughter (age 16)

March 2003

"My wife and I are profoundly grateful to Touchdown, Inc. for transporting our daughter safely to Missouri. As you know, your agents arrived at the beginning of what turned out to be the snow storm of the century in the Denver area. Somehow the agents were able to locate our house in a blinding blizzard, reassure my wife, and prepare our daughter for the trip with absolutely no trouble whatsoever, Your organization, Touchdown, Inc. has shown professionalism from the first moment we contacted you. We were kept informed throughout the process as transport arrangements were finalized. Your agents were reassuring when I met them at the airport for the first time and showed a sincere interest in our daughter and our entire family. But even more importantly, we have been immensely grateful for the compassion and concern shown to us and to our daughter by everyone associated with your organization. Our daughter has even asked if Tom, one of the agents who accompanied her to Missouri, can be added to the list of individuals with whom she can communicate via letters. I believe this demonstrates, more than anything else, the quality of your organization and its personnel. From the time your agents entered our house until they delivered our daughter to the program we selected, she was able to experience Christ working through your agents, and all of you have our gratitude and thanks for that."

Pat R.
Denver, Colorado
daughter (age 14)

January 2003

"The decision to transport my son was a very hard one. I think the way you did it was very good. I could not have done it myself. He just would not have cooperated with me. If you ever need a recommendation let me know."

Joe W.
McLean, Virginia
son (age 16)

December 2002

"Bill's demeanor is one of concern, empathy and professionalism. He treated my son as if he was his own son, and that is something that as a mother is very important to me. I would highly recommend Touchdown Inc. to anyone who has to make the hard decision to transport their child to a school or program. It is so hard to make the decision to send your child away, but knowing that the people doing the transporting are people like Bill made the decision that much easier."

Rhonda H.
Arlington, Texas
son (age 15)

December 2002

"I would like to thank you for the professional way you handled my grandson. I appreciate the time you and your wife took to talk with me about the transport. It was very comforting to us knowing that you were interested and cared about my grandson from the time you picked him up until you delivered him to the school. I would recommend your service, Touchdown, Inc., to any parent who needs their child transported. May God continue to bless you and your family."

Ron M.
Lubbock, Texas
grandson (age 15)

June 2002

"In June of 2002 we had to face the toughest decision parents could ever make which was to send our son away to a Christian boarding school. We knew that our son would not willingly agree with our decision. After many long hours of research we chose to hire Touchdown Inc. to escort our son. Bill explained the intervention process with a calming reassurance which confirmed that we had made the right decision. When the intervention occurred Bill and Steve entered our home and treated our son with respect. They were straight forward with him explaining every move they made throughout the trip and made him feel comfortable enough to establish communication during the long trip. We especially appreciated the Harper family and their follow up with our family. Mrs. Harper called us to check on our emotional well being and to help us through our difficult time. It was sure a gift from God to have an "angel" speaking to us with words of wisdom and comfort. We were also impressed by Bill's follow up on our son. Upon visiting the school where our son was at six months later he took the time to speak with our son and check his progress. We would highly recommend Touchdown, Inc. to any family who has to experience such a circumstance. We found their service to be of high quality, reasonable expense and definitely based on Christian moral principles."

Dave P.
Riverside, CA
son (age 14)

June 2002

"Bill, I was so pleased with your service. I must admit there was some sticker shock for me, but I also realized you were able to do something my husband and I couldn't. It was such a relief to meet Mike and Steve. They were so nice and so professional. They came early in the morning to take my son. They talked to my son, praised him for cooperating and everything went so smoothly. Mike and Steve made a very difficult situation easy for us. It was worth every penny."

Barbara M.
Vancouver, WA
son (age 16)

June 2002

"Bill, thank you for your service. If you ever get back in our area be sure to contact us again."

Theo R.
Boca Raton, FL
daughter (age 17)

April 2002

"We contacted Touchdown, Inc. during one of the most difficult and trying times in our lives. They were responsive, timely, courteous and consummate professionals in transporting our son. Their professionalism and calm demeanor defused a potentially volatile situation, helped put us at ease and allowed our son to safely arrive where he could begin to receive the help he needed."

Ray & Sarah W.
Des Moines, Iowa
son (age 17)

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